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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Adoption Incentives

We are pleased to be able to offer additional incentives to adopt our animals. Below are the programs that are currently in operation:

Adult Companion Program: In an effort to provide pet companionship to older adults, the Humane Society will match up cats and dogs age 3 and older with residents age 50 and older. The Adult Companion program pays the up-front costs associated with obtaining a Shelter companion animal. This program not only gives an older adult the chance to have the companionship of a pet, but also provides a loving home to an older Shelter animal. Program subject to funding availability.

Spay/Neuter Incentive Fund: The Humane Society offers assistance to qualified individuals who cannot afford the full cost of altering their pets. Please contact the Shelter for an application.

Sponsored Adoption or Alteration: Friends of the Shelter who volunteer to sponsor the costs associated with adopting or altering an animal. These incentives are posted on the cages at the Shelter.

Overcrowding Specials: Sometimes we run into serious overcrowding at the shelter. To alleviate the problem, we pass savings onto you! Kennel cards for many of our animals have stickers on them. The color of the sticker corresponds to a discounted adoption fee. During this sale fees range from $0 to $45, as follows:


Red dots equal $0 adoption fee

Blue dots equal $20 adoption fee

Green dots equal $45 adoption fee


Red dots equal $0 adoption fee

Blue dots equal $10 adoption fee

Green dots equal $30 adoption fee

Please note that the this offer cannot be combined with other incentives, and that you must be a quailfied adopter.