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More than 25 years of shelter operations

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Membership is a
Sound Investment

What services do we provide to the community?

  • Humane housing for dogs and puppies, as well as cats and kittens whose owners no longer can care for them
  • A place to locate a lost pet, thus increasing the chances that the lost animals and its owner can be reunited
  • Responsible pet ownership instruction. Families are assisted with choosing a pet appropriate to their circumstances; this also helps reduce the number of unwanted pets
  • Adoption opportunities. Centralized services to help homeless and stray animals get adoption exposure.
  • Community Education presentations and public education
  • A Spay Neuter Incentive Fund (SNIF), in cooperation with Wayne County area veterinarians, to assist families who cannot afford the full cost of spaying or neutering their pets
  • Contracts with Wayne County towns and villages for stray dogs

Why should you help?

Because we can't do it without you! The Humane Society of Wayne County is funded only through memberships, fees, donations and fund raisers. The important services that we provide are made possible because of the support that we receive from our members and contributors.

How can you help?

Please help support the animals by becoming a member of the Humane Society of Wayne County. Your membership provides the financial strength that is needed to continue to provide and expand our services to the community. The Humane Society belongs to all of us, and we must share in the responsibility of its success.

Our animals depend on us and we depend on you!

All members receive our quarterly newsletter, The Society Page.

Depending on your level of membership, you will be eligible to receive the following discounts, depending on your level of support:

  • As a Patron, you will receive a free HSWC T-Shirt (excludes tie dyed) to be picked up at the shelter and a HSWC decal.

  • At the Sustaining level, you will receive a free SHWC Sweatshirt to be picked up at the shelter and a HSWC decal.

  • As a Benefactor you will be invited to a picnic at the shelter, free HSWC sweatshirt to be picked up at the shelter and a HSWC decal.

  • As a Philanthropist, you will be invited to a dinner for two with the President, Executive Director or any Board Member. Also includes a picnic at the shelter, free HSWC sweatshirt and T-Shirt to be picked up at the shelter and a HSWC decal.

Give the gift of membership

How many times have you worried about "what to get for the person who has everything?" A gift membership to the HSWC may be just the answer! The recipient will receive a letter from the President of the Board of Directors along with applicable discounts (above).

To become a member, simply print this membership form and drop it in the mail.Membership

Thank you,

Stephanie Cooper
President, Board of Directors
Humane Society of Wayne County

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