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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Foster Care

Foster care providers are an important part of our organization. Their efforts help alleviate overcrowding, and make it possible for us to properly care for animals with special needs.

Foster care providers are vital during unusual events. Major renovations to the shelter, cruelty cases involving large numbers of animals, and breeding season are examples of events that require a large foster care network.

Do you remember?

Are you considering adopting a new companion animal? Most of  us have fond memories of playful kittens and cuddly puppies. Do you have not-so-fond memories, too? Consider fostering a pair of kittens for a month. This may help you determine if your decision is the right one. It also helps ensure that those two kittens don't find themselves back at the shelter later on.

Lend a helping hand

Perhaps you would like to have an animal but you can't make a long-term commitment. Foster care is a great way to help out for a month or two. Adult dogs and cats are accustomed to having homes, and can deteriorate quickly in a shelter environment. Food, water, shelter and medical care are easy for us to provide. We simply can't provide as much companionship, exercise and emotional support as these animals deserve. Consider taking an animal home for a few weeks. A short break from shelter life could do a world of good.

Help out an old timer

We sometimes take in animals through particularly sad circumstances, such as the death of the owner. It is fairly common for these animals, often cats, to be well over 10 years old. These animals need home environments in which to spend their twilight years. Consider opening your home to provide geriatric foster care.