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This page was last modified on Sunday March 17, 2013

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The Humane Society of Wayne County is funded only through memberships, fees, donations and fundraisers. The important services that we provide are made possible because of the support that we receive from our members and contributors.

Online Donations

The HSWC is pleased to be able to accept donations through PayPal. Each of the items below links to an account specifically for that fund.

Off-line Donations

We at HSWC recognize that not everyone is interested in making donations from a computer. We now provide access to the same donation structure through a paper form that you may download and mail along with your check. Please use this donation form (pdf) for that purpose.

General Fund

Donations to the general fund are used to offset day-to-day expenses at the shelter. Materials, supplies, utilities, postage. You name it, it's paid for by our general operating budget.

Targeted donations

We have a number of programs whose funds are restricted. Donations to these programs are used exclusively for the program.

Adult Companion Program

To provide pet companionship to older adults, the HSWC matches cats and dogs age 3 and older with county individuals 50 or older. the program pays the adoption fee associated with obtaining a Shelter companion animal. Not only are older adults given the chance to have the companionship of a pet, but a loving home is provided to an older Shelter animal.

Charlie's Fund

In May of 1998, the of Board of Directors approved the creation of Charlie’s Fund to help sick and injured animals that are turned over to the shelter. The staff and the board of the Humane Society are very pleased to have this fund to help some of the poor animals brought to our shelter. It is good feeling for everyone to see and animal returned to health and adopted into a loving home.

Charlie’s Fund continues, when funds are available, to cover the cost of medical care for many needy animals, and is still funded exclusively by direct donations from generous supporters.

Memorial Contributions

We also get support through memorial contributions. Honoring a loved one in this way. Before proceeding to PayPal, please submit this form. It helps us with our record keeping.

Penny Express

Penny Express

Let's build a gazebo!

Our current Penny Express project is to build a gazebo in the side yard.. 

There are several ways to donate.

If you'd prefer to donate a portion of the materials price, then you may use PayPal (button below) to donate cash to the fund.

If you're not comfortable with online payments, you may download the donation form (pdf) and send a check. Be sure to check "Penny Express" as the type of donation.

GazeboFor the young and young at heart, we maintain a railroad crossing bank at the shelter...complete with lights and train whistles. It's actually kind of fun!

Spay/Neuter Incentive Fund (SNIF)

The HSWC assists qualified individuals who cannot afford the full cost of altering their pets. The pet owner, participating veterinarian, and the HSWC each pay one-third of the cost.

Snip & Cut

Each year, the Humane Society of Wayne County (HSWC) receives approximately 1200 animals surrendered by the public. To help reduce the pet overpopulation problem, HSWC is attempting to spay/neuter all age-appropriate animals prior to adoption. As anyone who has had an animal altered realizes, this is a costly endeavor for HSWC. Area vet hospitals generously donate free spays/neuters to HSWC (Lyons Veterinary Clinic-12/year, Newark Veterinary Hospital-12/year, Palmyra Animal Hospital-80/year, and Walworth Animal Hospital-24/year), but this leaves many animals unaltered. HSWC is very fortunate to have two area veterinarians that come to the shelter and alter shelter animals at a reduced rate. Even so, this costs HSWC about $6,000/year, money that comes directly from the shelter’s operating budget. Please consider helping HSWC continue to alter shelter animals by making a contribution to our Snip & Cut Fund. All donations to this fund will be used exclusively to spay and neuter shelter animals.

Mutt Strut

We hold our annual walkathon, Mutt Strut in September. While we encourage people to come out and support us in person, and have shelter dogs available to walk (for those who don't have a dog or whose dog isn't properly social). In order to accomodate those who want to help but cannot join us, please use the PayPal option below. Proceeds go to the shelter's general operating fund.