Humane Society of
Wayne County, New York

1475 County House Road, Lyons, NY 14489


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More than 25 years of shelter operations

This page was last modified on Sunday May 15, 2016

You can Help!

We need your help to sustain and improve the services that we provide to Wayne County. Almost all of our funding comes from Membership and Private Donations. Take a few moments to read through our information about Planned Giving.

Aside from money, there are many things that you and your family can do to assist the Humane Society. Volunteering is a great family activity. Volunteers do all sorts of things. Everything from walking dogs and socializing cats to unfolding newspapers, doing laundry and mowing the lawn. The Shelter is a lot like a typical home, with all of the same needs regarding cleaning, maintenance, repair and yard work.

Check the Wish List from time to time. Our shelter staff updates this periodically to reflect the shelter's current needs. Again, many of the items we need are similar to things you need around the home or office.

Include us in your event. If you're having a car wash, bottle and can drive, bake sale, or a similar fundraising event, consider donating part of the proceeds to us. Scouts and school classes do this from time to time. It is wonderful to get this kind of support from the youth of Wayne County, and their help is greatly appreciated.