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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Roxy & Lucie Round out the Family

Well I have had a great experience with the Wayne County Humane Society in the past year and have been meaning to send pictures in and write about it. Well first off, I have always loved animals and especially have always wanted a dog of my own since I was a little girl, Finally last May, I had purchased my own dog from a local pet store named Bella (the puggle) and we felt that she would benefit from having another dog in the home to socialize with since she was so energetic and friendly. We then went to the humane society in August of last year and my husband fell in love with a puppy that had recently been brought to the shelter not named. We ended up getting things for her that day and coming back later to pick her up. We named her Roxy and believe she looks like some kind of pinscher mix breed.

Well, the two of them hit it off great! They love to play together, often snuggle up for naps together, and really seem to miss one another if one needs to be away for any reason. Roxy has grown into a great dog and member of our family. She gets along with everyone human or animal and loves to play. Her favorite is to run to get a toy to fetch as soon as we walk in the door. She loves meeting new people or animals and loves to snuggle up with her owners for some attention when she tires. Roxy is very different in many ways to our other dog, Bella, but brings a great amount of happiness to our family the way she is.

Then close to Christmas time last year, we needed to go to the Humane Society to bring in some papers for Roxy and decided to take a look around at the cats and kittens. We spent a long time looking around and visiting different cats in the cat room. Then I noticed one that I had seen online that had caught my eye because she was known to do well with dogs. After just holding her a few minutes, I knew she would be the one to come home with us. Again, we filled out the paperwork and brought her home that day. She was an all white cat named Lucie. We had a slight technical problem the carrier box on the way out to the car, as the bottom had given out and Lucie fell before we got to the car. After we went back in to fix the box, we were on our way home.

Lucie has also done very well in our house. She does like dogs and will even play with our two dogs. Lucie is very friendly but also very independent. She will do her own thing, but will always come around to get some attention from us or visitors. We were slightly worried about letting her outside during the winter being that she was white and snow is white. So when spring came around, we got her a new collar and tag so she could go inside and out as we could easily tell she missed the outdoors. Now we see her occasionally visiting the neighbors and does great with coming back in when she is ready!

On behalf of all of my family members, thanks for everything!

Tiffany Muckey for David, Bella, Roxy and Lucie

Dave, along with Roxy & Bella

Roxy, ready for Halloween

Tiffany and the dogs (Roxy has grown!)

Lucie in one of her favorite napping places