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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Smooth sailing along Canandaigua Lake

I have always had cats growing up and my fiance Scott has always had dogs. In July of 2009 we rescued a 9-week-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua puppy named Smokey. Since then my fiance has also wanted a cat. In September 2010 we stopped at PETCO in Canandaigua to pick up some dog food and Scott stopped to look at the cats.

When Scott saw Lexi it was love a first sight. He said that he liked her because her face markings were split right down the middle like Smokey's. When we went to ask about adopting her they told us about Mandy who had a digestive problem like Lexi and asked if we would like them both. We agreed and they gave us both for the price of one. Since then it’s been rough start. Mandy beat up the dog and there was a time where we were heartbroken because we thought about giving her back.

Mandy, now named Mindy, is doing really well. She is very taken with Scott and snuggles with him all the time. She has also gained a respect for the dog, and he has for her. They sniff good morning and sniff good night and that's about it. As for Lexi, her new bff is Smokey. They play together, they sleep together, they bathe each other; it’s actually really cute.

I am a firm believer in forever homes and I am glad a could provide that for them.

Thank you for bringing them into our lives. If we were to get another animal I would definitely adopt from the Wayne County Humane Society.

Rebecca Snyder

Lexi and Smokey are new best friends.

Lexi—Out like light after a long day of play.

Mindy and Lexi relaxing in the sunshine.

Mindy asleep in a quiet corner.