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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Mia, Tyler & Gizmo

Jack and Beverly do love one another an awful lot and it truly doesn't matter to me if they are actual littermates or not...but I'm just curious... it was so hard to tell them apart when they first came home... they looked identical.

Now that they are getting older I can tell them apart physically as their personalities are becoming more distinct.

Beverly's (now Mia) eyes are a much deeper gold and her tail is always in the upright position... she doesn't like to be held much but always will follow me around and park herself at my feet wanting a love session! She loves the water bowl and will splash the water out of the bowl with her paw... we have a huge stainless steel water bowl and I have to keep a beach towel around it because she spends so much time splashing the water out!

Whereas Jack's (now Tyler) eyes are greenish gold and he doesn't hold his tail up... but boy is he a lover.. loves to be held and he loves to kiss/lick me on the lips and hang out on my left shoulder. He falls asleep in the strangest body positions! 

We have two rescued Border Collies and the male Gizmo has really never been all that fond of the cats...he always tolerates them... BUT he has taken a real shine to Tyler and just follows him around licking him and Tyler just loves it... The picture below shows Tyler with the green shiny eyes escaping from the Gizmo tongue!!

I promise to keep you updated on their progress and send pictures along... Thank you for doing such a wonderful job raising these little babes... they are so well socialized and so loving.. and as you said they aren't afraid of anything!

Karen Hobel-Farley