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The Baker Farm

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Our home is fondly referred to as the Baker Farm by family and friends. We have two cats, a turtle, fish, and a hamster. My husband has always been a firm supporter of the Wayne County Humane Society. He called me one day to say that he had seen on the website that you can foster parent pets and to ask what I thought about fostering a kitten or two. I said “sure” and our journey began.

We picked Boo up 4 weeks ago. He was only 1.07 pounds and about 4 weeks old. He was so little. He needed some TLC as he

was suffering from Kitty Cold and an eye infection. I was nervous at first because he was so little and sick but off we went.

Boo was not very active at first. We had him set up in the kitchen so he was safe and he had a bed we made for him, his litter box, his food dishes and toys. He slept a lot and we made sure he had lots of cuddle time. The first few days he cuddled a lot. He would not eat his dry food or drink water so after talking to Dawn Divelbliss from the Humane Society, she said feed him all the soft food he would eat and she recommended a cat milk food substitute. He did very well with both of those. We weaned him off the cat milk once he was feeling better and he now eats dry food as well as soft and drinks his water. We also put a screen door on a spare bedroom and he lives in there and loves it! He has grown so much.

That brings us to now and we are at the four week mark. I expect a call any time now saying it is time to return him. While it will be hard, I know he will go to a good home. Boo is a great kitten and very playfuland lovable. We plan to continue fostering kittens that need a temporary good home and lots of love. I cannot tell you how great Dawn was. She was so good at explaining all of Boo’s needs when we first got him and was so patient with all my questions and saw us a few times when Boo was sick and we just needed him checked out.

We can’t wait for our next foster assignment! Thank you, especially Dawn, for making it a great experience.

Becky Baker