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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Teeka & Sorcha

My name is Ami. I came in about 3 weeks ago to look at kittens to adopt one. I spoke with Dawn, who had a foster kitten that was not at the shelter yet, but due in soon for her shots, spaying, etc. She had been found alone, under a trailer, and bottle fed until she grew up.

Her name at the shelter was Cora. I completed an application for adoption sight unseen, as I had not met Cora as of yet. I came back a week later (6/30) to meet her and bring her home, which I did. She has been renamed Teeka (Greek).

When I picked Teeka up, I noticed a new arrival, a litter of about 5-6 kittens, and one caught my eye immediately. The HSWC had named her Sorcha (a name I like very much and have kept—Irish/Gaelic origin—kudos to the 'sheller namer' for that one!). She also needed to stay another week so she could get her shots, spayed, etc. I decided I would adopt her too, taking Teeka home for the time being, and returning a week later for Sorcha, when she was ready. It has worked out well. I was able to bond with Teeka that first week, and allow her to get her bearings at my home, and become comfortable.

I then returned for Sorcha and brought her home, and slowly introduced them over the coming days. Teeka had always been alone (except for a pit bull playmate according to Dawn), and Sorcha was in totally new surroundings.

I thought it best to introduce Teeka to a kitten at an early age herself, so she would not be prone to needing to live alone when she was older (if you look at my file, I have adopted my share of critters over the years—I'm bound to have more pets!). I wanted to share pictures so you can show Dawn and Darlene, both of whom (among others) helped me. I'll continue to share.

Ami Matschke

P.S. Teeka is the buff colored slightly older but smaller calico and Sorcha is the younger but bigger tiger with orange splotches calico! I think the pictures say it all—they are comfortable, have moved right in, and have become complete snugglebugs....enjoy!

Fast friends


Teeka grooming Sorcha

Teeka & Sorcha sunbathing

They have moved in