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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Pet Owners New Year Resolutions

This week more than any other time of the year we will all make resolutions that will hopefully improve the quality of our life in some way. We will vow to stop a bad habit, save more money, lose weight, join a gym, and exercise more often. How about making some resolutions that will improve the quality of your pet's life too?

Spay or neuter your pet. This simple inexpensive operation can help correct bad behavior, it can protect your pet against certain types of cancers, and most importantly it will prevent the birth of unwanted litters.

Put an identification tag on your pet. Proper identification will enable the safe return of your pet should it become lost or stolen. Talk with your veterinarian about micro chipping your pet.

Correct destructive behavior by enrolling your dog or puppy in a training class.

Get your pet a complete medical exam by a licensed veterinarian this year. Yearly examinations are a good time to update vaccinations. Sometimes a pet's behavior problem can be health related.

Develop a disaster plan in case of a disaster like a flood, hurricane, tornado, or alike. Disaster relief shelters will provide for humans, and they operate under the same health code as restaurants do. Therefore, your pet is not welcome at a disaster relief shelter. Contact your local Humane Society or www.ears.org for assistance in developing a disaster plan for your pet.

Plan for your pet's future should something happen to you. Appoint a guardian to care for your pet should you be suddenly unable to provide proper care.

Most importantly, set some time aside everyday to spend time with you pet. Go for a walk, play fetch, or just spend some quality time together. Remember cats crave and need your attention almost as much as a dog does, dogs are just more demonstrative.

Make the new year the year to improve the quality of both your life and your pet's life!

Happy New Year