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1st Rate 1st Graders!

I want to take moment and introduce you to a very special classroom in the Wayne Central School, Mrs. Morton's 1st grade class. In the late fall before the holiday season started, Mrs. Morton came up with a heart warming thought to benefit the Humane Society during the holiday season. She sent home a letter to each parent, asking if they wished to, would they consider this "Christmas request" instead of purchasing her a gift: "Please send a dollar or two to school with your little first grader." She and her husband would match the class contribution and donate it to the animals at the shelter.

Mrs. Morton's 1st Grade Class
Building principal Mr. LaRuche, Mrs. Morton and 17 generous
1st graders from Wayne Central School in Ontario.

The theme being taught at Christmas time was "caring and compassion." As Mrs. Morton put it, "What better way to teach and implement the themes in the New York State Character Education Program than to think of others, especially, all your pets awaiting adoption."

The children and their parents received a certificate with their name on it and thanking them for their generous and overwhelming support for her "Christmas request!" Mrs. Morton and her husband matched the children's donation and delivered check for $150.00 to the shelter for the animals over Christmas vacation.

It gives everyone a very warm feeling that even the smallest of children can find it in their hearts, that sharing and caring is as important as receiving at the holiday times. The animals at the shelter give Mrs. Morton's class an A+!