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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Life's Lessons Learned From A Pet

I have often said that a pet enriches one's life. But come to think it, many of life's lessons I have learned from my pets.

From my dogs I have learned loyalty, unconditional love, and acceptance. A dog will love you whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, etc. Dogs don't put value on our social and economic status or physical appearance. A dog just loves you because you are who you are. When it come to developing a meaningful relationship, perhaps we should be more like my dogs.

A dog will admit when he or she made a mistake and ask for forgiveness, immediately. When I come home and find something amiss in the house and ask the rhetorical question, "Who did this?" Both dogs go from greeting mode to ....Oops! We forgot that happened today, we are sooo very sorry. The ears go down but the tails still wags. The world would be a better place, if we all owned up to our mistakes and asked for forgiveness in friendly manner.

Dogs live in the moment. They do not look back to the past and harbor grudges nor do they look to the future in anticipation of an event that will make their life better. Dogs live in the present moment. Conversely, humans remember and often live in the past by remembering old hurts or better days. When humans are not living the past they are looking to the future; perhaps to some event that will make life easier. Like that job promotion next year, or an inheritance when someone dies, or winning the lottery. We wrap ourselves up so much in the past and/or the future that we forget to enjoy the present. Life is happening all around us but we don't live it to the fullest.

Dogs show it when they are happy. When you are happy wag your tail!

A cat is a straightforward creature that will let its owner know when it has physical wants and needs. A cat lets its owner know when it wants to eat, or when it feels the need for affection. Cats are very good at making their needs known, and do not have hidden agendas in their relationship with their owner. Human relationships would be so much easier if we humans were straightforward about our needs and expectations with one another, like a cat.

Cats are very clean creatures. They groom themselves regularly. A cat will always use the cat box and cover its waste. It is a shame that some humans do not feel the need for good grooming practices or the consideration to flush the toilet.

People assume that cats are independent creatures, when in reality cats need someone to care for them. Cats acknowledge this need. It is people who assume that the cat is aloof.

Cats really know how to relax and meditate. Watch a cat quietly lie in the warm afternoon sun. Nothing looks more comfortable and at peace than a cat basking in the sunshine. Maybe was should take some time out of busy schedules and just sit quietly in the afternoon at peace and alone with our thoughts.