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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Pets and Holiday Happiness

Once upon a time there was a dog running loose around the Highway Department Building in the town of Lyons. The poor dog was always starving and appeared to have broken front leg. Some very kind men working for the Highway Department shared their lunch with the dog and even bought dog food to feed the dog. However, the poor dog would not let any one get close enough to pet or capture him. Although he was starving his fear won out over his overwhelming hunger. Day after day the men would feed the dog and tried very hard to get close enough to catch him but even with three legs the dog could run faster than the men. However, one day the dog was sleeping under a vehicle parked in the lot of the Highway Department. The men decided to surround the vehicle and caught this poor half starved, frightened creature.

Upon his capture the dog was immediately brought next door to the Humane Society of Wayne County shelter, and then rushed on to the Newark Veterinary Hospital. Unfortunately, Dr. Skinner determined that due to the severity and nature of the fracture she had no choice but to amputate the fractured limb. Dr. Skinner amputated the leg at cost and the charges for the care were provided through Charlie's Fund. Charlie's Fund is a special fund that has been established by the Humane Society of Wayne County to provide extraordinary veterinary care for shelter residents. The amputation healed slowly. However, the poor dog did not realize that he was missing a front leg because he insisted on giving you his paw when he met you.

The story of this dog's ordeal hit the local newspapers and Dick Peterson, the owner of Swedish Hill Vineyard, saw the story and decided to adopt this three legged dog. Dick and Cindy Peterson named their three legged dog, Hoppy. To this very day Hoppy greets people that come to Swedish Hill Vineyard. If you have the opportunity to visit Swedish Hill Vineyard this holiday season, say hello to Hoppy.

Miracles do happen through caring people, the Humane Society of Wayne County, our local veterinarians, and Charlie's Fund. Have a very Merry Christmas!