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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

The Humane Society of Wayne County Wishes a Safe and Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween can be a lot of fun for everyone! Venturing out on this dark night with Jack O' Lanterns glowing in windows and on porches to scare the spirits who walk the earth on this last night of October. There are scary stories of ghost and goblins. Everyone is dressed in costume going from house-to-house looking for treats. While Halloween can be a fun and an exciting time for humans it can be down right terrifying for pets. Please keep pets safe during Halloween.

The family dog or cat may not recognize even a close family member in costume and may become frightened. A frightened pet may run trying to escape, and the escape route of this terrified pet may be directly into the path of an oncoming car. Or a frightened pet may run so far and so fast that it becomes lost. It may take weeks or even months to find a lost pet, let alone the hardships that it will face trying to find its way back home.

A family dog may view its role in the family as a protector. Dogs warn the family (their pack) of things out of the ordinary, by barking. A frightened dog acting as a protector may decide to attack the source of its fear, and bite the person in costume. Can you really blame the dog?

Even if your pet is not timid or easily frightened it is a good idea to keep it away from the ghost, goblins, and scary apparitions that might come to you door. Scaring a helpless animal is not fun! Please be sure to keep all outdoor animals safe from haunters that may think it great fun to taunt and spook any animal.

Moreover, candy and treats are for humans not for pets. If you want to give your pet Halloween treats, give treats that are designed for pets. Remember that even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic to a dog.