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More than 25 years of shelter operations

This page was last modified on Sunday June 18, 2017

White Elephant Sale

Do you have a cluttered room, garage or attic? the HSWC is looking for items for our annual White Elephant Sale. We will be accepting donations at the shelter between July 6 and August 19.  Preferred items include:

  • Current books

  • CD's & DVD's

  • Crafts and holiday items

  • Stuffed animals and Jewelry

  • Knickknacks, etc.

As always, we cannot accept furniture, exercise equipment, clothing or lamps. Items may be delivered to the shelter during our business hours.

Please donate responsibly. In the past we've received donations of cracked or chipped glassware, musty books and half-burned candles. These are of as little use to us as they are to you, and the disposal costs are growing.

These are some of the items that we've collected in the past, and the sell well at the sale.

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