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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

When are People Going to Take Responsibility for Their Cats?

We humans have come a long way in taking responsibility for our dogs. In the days before the leash law dogs were left to roam the streets alone or in packs. Seeing a dog dead by the side of the road was quite common occurrence. However, in recent years this has changed. Generally you see a dog on the street it is being walked by its owner, and it is rare to see a dead dog by the side of the road. Additionally, the majority of dogs around are either spayed or neutered. However, the same is not true for cats.

Cats are abundant! An unspayed female cat will come into heat until she becomes pregnant. An unaltered male cat will travel a fair distance to visit a female cat in heat, and will fight with other cats to become her suitor. The fact is that unaltered cats are more prolific than rabbits producing several litters of kittens in a lifetime. Unfortunately, a dead cat along the side of the road in Wayne County is a common site. The truth is that dogs at the shelter have better chance of being adopted than do cats. The reason for this is that there are fewer dogs at the shelter than there are cats. Sadly more cats are humanely euthanized at the shelter than are dogs.

Last Friday morning while walking my dogs we (my dogs and I) found a pair of little orange kittens hiding in the tall grass by the side of the road. The kittens that seem to be about six weeks old were terrified, cold, and starving. Someone who did not want them obviously had dropped them off. Consequently, I am now put in a position of having to take responsibility for some uncaring individual's unwanted kittens. I now have to find them a good home. As mad as I am at this individual, I would hate to think of the fate these kittens would face if we had not come along when did.

People need to realize that cats are living breathing beings that cannot be discarded by the side of the road like an empty beer bottle. A female cat must be spayed before it comes into heat, and male cats need to be neutered. This will not only avoid any unwanted litters, but it will make the cat a much better pet. There has to be the realization that there is an emotional attachment between a cat and its owner although a cat is not as obvious about it as a dog tends to be. Moreover, cats should not be just turned loose to run the streets.

A pet be it a cat or a dog is a commitment for the life of the animal!