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More than 25 years of shelter operations

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From Wags to Riches

The Story of Boots

One day early in the month of April 2001 a scrawny little black and white long hair female cat was admitted to the shelter. Although she was not much more than a kitten herself she was admitted with three very small kittens. Veterinary care and a balanced diet enabled Boots to care for her kittens and soon they were old enough and strong enough to leave her. All three kittens were adopted one right after the other to good homes, which made Boots very happy.

However, Boots was left at the shelter all alone. Perhaps because she was not a kitten, people anxious to adopt a kitten did not give her a second look. Days turned in weeks, and weeks turned in months, and still Boots was not adopted. There was nothing extraordinary about Boots she was a quiet unspayed black and white female cat who was in need a loving home. A generous member of the Board of Directors, who volunteered at the shelter, noticed Boots and paid to have her spayed, hoping that this would make her more attractive to a potential adopter. Being spayed did not seem to make any difference where Boots was concerned as cats were being adopted from the shelter but no one seemed to show any interest in poor Boots. The Adopt-A-Pet Coordinator even took Boots out into the community to try to get her a home without success.

Boots big break came when the shelter had to close for the month of November for some much-needed repairs. New windows and a new concrete floor were being installed. In order to perform these repairs all the animals presently housed at the shelter had to vacate the main building. Consequently, all the shelter's cats had to be placed in foster homes for the month of November. Shelter staff and the Board of Directors worked frantically trying to find enough foster care providers to care for all the cats that were being housed at the shelter. People from all over the community volunteered to provide foster care for these homeless felines.

Boots was placed in the home of a part-time college student who already had a cat that she had previously adopted from the shelter. Boots went to stay with her foster family and flourished. Soon she charmed her way into their hearts and convinced them that she should become a full-time member of this little family. When the repairs at the shelter were complete and it was time for Boots to return to the shelter, the staff was informed that Boots would not be returning to the shelter. Her foster care provider was adopting Boots.

Boots now is known as Katie, and lives a very happy life in East Rochester with her friend and former shelter alumni Spunky. It appears that Katie no longer feels alone and unwanted. If you drive by Katie's home on a sunny day, you will see her sitting in the window smiling out at the world contentedly.