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This page was last modified on Sunday November 18, 2012

Be Kind to Animals Week

May 6-12, 2007

The American Humane Society created Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915 to celebrate the unique bond between humans and animals. We are often asked "What can I do for the animals?" and "What does the shelter need on a daily basis?"

Well, during Be Kind to Animals Week, we will:

  • wash 70 loads of laundry
  • use 4 gallons of bleach
  • use 21 rolls of paper towels
  • go through 270 pounds of cat litter

So, it's true that it takes many of the same items to run the shelter as it takes to run your house. We just super-size.

Please consider these genuine needs the next time you're making a non-monetary donation to the HSWC.

Donations can be brought to the shelter during normal hours of operation or dropped off in any of the conveniently located dog house drop off spots throughout the county. Please call the shelter for further details. A current list of items needed can be found on our Wish List.